I help Online Entrepreneurs and Employees beat burn out by helping you to create time, space and energy in your life via my Personal Coaching packages and consultations.

I live in London, UK and these blogs are my reflections as a Social Worker, Coach, Healer and Consultant.

I have been a Social Worker for 29 years having qualified in July 1991 from Coventry University.

I work on the front line working with children and young people who are traumatised and on the margins of society. After I studied Psycho-dynamic counselling for two years at Goldsmiths College (1991-1993), I decided to integrate the theories and skills, I learnt into my Social work practice. I also have integrated my knowledge and understanding of the Self in relation to Islamic Theology and Philosophy within my Social Work Practice and when I coach and heal.

Over the years, I flirt with and occasionally immerse myself in studying Islam and engaging in Inter-faith Dialogue.

Since 1997, I have been working in a multi-disciplinary team in South London, comprised of Professionals from different faiths and cultural backgrounds trying to support young people and their families, who find themselves in the criminal justice system.

My passion throughout my life though has been my writing where I feel I find myself and it is my solace in this crazy world.

Since January 2018 when I founded my Business Taniya Hussain Coaching and Consultancy Services, I have been juggling Social Work with an Online Coaching Business.

I know without the support of my husband, I would not be balancing being a mother to three sons, two who are adults and one who is still not a teenager yet.

I am enjoying the journey of employee to entrepreneur which is definitely a roller coaster ride.

The woman that wrote her first blog back in 2016 is definitely not the woman who writes now.

I hope you can see how I have evolved and am evolving.

I would love if you stayed on the journey with me to witness my many transformations and that they help you transform too.