Being Part Three. Finding your Why!

A wise woman that I know and and deeply love, once said to me:

It is the questions that you ask which are more important than the answers!

Indeed about a year ago, I started asking the question:

What do I want?

This one question lead me to develop my purpose. People often talk about finding your purpose but I instinctively know you never lose your purpose, it is buried deep within you. Your purpose is an intrinsic part of your being. However I know most of us are never taught how to develop it. Indeed developing your purpose, I have discovered leads you to a more authentic way of being.

This way of being, I never imagined but has lead me to experience sustained joy in my life. This joy is not momentary or temporary but sustained.

Strange I know, because the question what do I want, sounds selfish, egotistical even. I can hear some of you reading this feeling disgusted. How dare I ask what I want when the vast majority of people do not have what they need! It even sounds greedy.

However the one question made me wipe the fog in front of me and provided me with a clarity of vision.

Not only vision but I can hear, feel, smell, taste and touch the way I want to be in the future, I know the past cannot be changed though and so I am learning to let go of the previous way I was and the unhealthy ways of being and the ways of being that no longer serve me. This letting go is not easy but fundamental and really starts by forgiving myself.

Can you forgive yourself?

Can you allow yourself to ask what do you really want?

This one question has provided me with direction for the destination I am heading for.

And when I let myself experience the destination and experience the future as the present, that is sheer heaven.

But I could never experience it if I never asked:

What is it that I really want?

This question unravelled so many different other questions. It is a question most people are afraid to ask. Most of us ask: What do I want to do? What do others expect of me? Who should I be?

I know these shoulds lead to feeling trapped and feeling obligated, guilt and misery. But all these shoulds and feelings are a product and culmination of your unhealthy ways of being arising from your childhood, your schooling and the society you grew up in.

I know you have you spent most of your life just doing, giving to others and hardly ever giving to yourself. Maybe for some time you also feel you do not have ANYMORE to give. You feel the fire that was within you all these years to serve, has burnt out.

That is why I feel it is exciting and sheer serependity that you are reading this right now.

There is a fire within me that I always have possessed and that is, to warm tired and weary souls. But now the fire is raging much more and I know it will not burn out because I feed and replenish myself and give to myself. That is what I started doing when I asked that question what do I really want and I have been doing this ever since.

I want you to feel that fire again. I am on a mission to beat burn out. I have found my why and I invite you to find your why by signing up to the Interview Series I have been working on for the past few months.

The series is called Beat Burn Out. I have brought together today’s top Coaches, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Mentors to share with you their journey of how they find their why and how they made the transition from being a human doing to becoming a human being. You do not need to be a Social Worker or Health Care Professional to benefit from it, just a person who has spent the majority of your life giving to others and hardly giving to yourself.

You can sign up at

The best part about the Interview Series is that it is completely free.

I would love you to find your why and experience the joy I am feeling in my life.

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Find your why!


Being Part Two


I am.

I am a human being.

I am not a human doing.

Do you feel like you most of the time you are a human doing?

You rarely have time to just to be who you are.

You are too busy working, striving, worrying, parenting, caring, struggling, earning, cleaning, cooking, searching, reading, studying, posting, blogging, praying, giving, spending. shopping, waking, running or travelling instead of just being.

I know that just writing this blog has been a struggle for me because it has forced me to face some difficult truths.

The act of being

For being requires focus and attention and for you to stop, take stock and observe what is within you, around you and understand how you relate to your thoughts and feelings, to yourself and others in your life. Being requires reflection and acceptance of all that you are and then letting go of those thoughts and feelings that do not serve you. The act requires you to be vulnerable and to strip off the mask that you wear most of the time, that mask you use, to cover your flaws, imperfections, weaknesses and insecurities. The facade you choose to project to the world, so you appear untouchable, unstoppable, and highly functioning and hugely knowledgeable.

Stripping off that mask requires bravery and strength. This is because you need to look yourself in the eye and speak your truth to yourself.

You need to hold the mirror up close and really peer in. Then you need to acknowledge all the darkness within you, the ugly thoughts and the ugly feelings, that bitterness and that rage as well as all the love, light, joy and beauty deep in your heart.

Being is something so subtle yet so rich.

Being is relating to yourself and to others from your very essence.

Being is you just being you.

Being is you radiating your light.

Being is you radiating your love.

Being is you giving without expecting.

Being is you valuing yourself for the miracle that you are.

Being is more than existing, it’s more than surviving, it is more than living. Being is when you wake up and you breathe from your very essence. Being is doing everything throughout the day from the core of your soul. Being is behaving with integrity. Being is living your life’s purpose beautifully and fully.

Do you want to be the best you can be? Do you want to find out how you can be the best version of yourself? Do you want to learn how just to be? Watch out for another blog post from me in the next few weeks spelling out some strategies on how you can do this. For now you can stop take a few minutes out of your busy day doing and just allow yourself to be. BREATHE BE.

Being Part One

Definition of Being

The Collins Student Dictionary defines one of the meanings of being, as the essential nature of the self. A word synonymous with being is essence. What is your way of being? What is your essence? We are all have a unique essence or way of being. We are all unique. You are unique. I know many of us do not value our uniqueness, our essence. Do you value your essence?

What makes you unique?
In this world we live in, where Social Media, more and more shapes our reality, without us even realising it, we constantly compare ourselves to others, we sometimes forget our own uniqueness. Growing up, I was shaped by the image that celebrites portrayed and projected. Nowadays we are shaped more and more by how our friends and family protray and project their lives onto Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook which is usually a fraction of their reality. But we take that fraction to be the whole. Soon we start losing the ability to decipher what really is real. We start feeling fractured. We start losing the connectedness to our essence and our ways of being get infected by an image or a moment, a fraction of our friend’s or relatives life. But we are whole human beings.

Our way of being is our spirit, our uniqueness, our essence. We do not have to apologise for it. Your vulnerabilities, your fragility, your mistakes, your imperfections, your flaws are what makes uniquely you. You need to celebrate all those things aswell as your strength, your resilence, your talents and your beauty. Your darkness and your light are both integral to who you are. Sometimes you do not see what others see and in the shade and shelter of darkness, gifts and ways of being can be nurtured like a womb nurtures life. I want you to celebrate you, smile and breathe and give thanks for all that you are, the rage, the irritations, the messiness, the mess ups, the smiles, the joy that you are.

I will be publishing more blogs about different ways of being in the next few weeks. Watch out for them. Meanwhile I hope you have found this one useful.

Living not Surviving

If you want to live your life fully, and not feel like you are surviving here is some advice

To live you have to get out of your own way.

To live you, you have to take risks.

To live you have to get uncomfortable, really uncomfortable.

To live you have to ask yourself what do you want?

To live you need to be grateful for what you already have.

To live you need to ask yourself what makes your heart sing.

To live you need to invest time and money in yourself?

To live you need to start doing something you have not done before.

Your friends and your family may say you are being crazy.

Your head may say it is crazy.

Your heart may be something else.

You know you are tired of placing a rock again over your dreams and burying them and feeling the weight of that pressure.

Living is making the choice of not placing that rock over the dream and not throwing it onto the sea of tommorrow and not burying it deep in the ocean of never to be.

Living is making a choice of expressing your deepest inner most thoughts and desires to your nearest and dearest.

Living is deciding to stop living an isloated and lonely life.

Living is asking for help.

Living is choosing to let yourself be vulnerable.

Living is realising your strength can be your vulnerability.

Living is realising your vulnerability is your strength.

When you do all the above or some of the above, despite the panic and the fear it instills you, you instinctively know that you no longer can tolerate playing small.

You realise most of your life, all you have been doing is surviving.

When you do all or some of the above, you breathe from deep inside.

When you do all or some of the above, you start seeing life in a brand new way.

When you do all or some of the above, you experience joy.

When you do all or some of the above, you start living an authentic life.

Are you wanting to live an authentic life?

Are you tired of surviving?

Are you tired of putting yourself last?

Do you want to start living?

Do you want to stop surviving?

Then stop avoiding what your heart is telling you.

Stop putting it off.

Stop selling yourself short?

Stop living small.

Start living big.

Start dreaming big.

Start achieving big.

By taking action, book that clarity call with me.

I deliver results.

I teach you the difference between surviving and living.

I help your heart sing.

If you want help to get out of your own way, then schedule your clarity call with me by using the link below.


Do you want to learn how to Simplify, Slow Down and Self-Care?

My mantra for 2018 is to slow down, simplify and self-care. Half way through the year, I am discovering the more I create space for myself rather than watching TV that I have seen before or pushing myself to be the perfect parent (which is impossible) the more I am able to slow down, simplify my life and create a pattern of self-care.

Are you tired of just juggling responsibilities?

Creating space for myself is something I have always struggled with. Juggling a Social Work career with three sons for the last 21 years and having an Online Business as a Trauma Recovery Coach, you are probably thinking, it is not surprising.

However creating space for myself is essential as it enables me to think and feel. Each time I have done it, whether it is by a) going to the hairdressers to have my hair done and not taking my mobile phone and spending two hours reading magazines or b) just chatting to family and friends or c) having a cup of tea and cake by myself in a cafe or d) taking half an hour to enjoy the roses on a summer’s day; these all have actually helped me slow down.

These measures have actually increased my energy levels. They have lead to me feeling like a human being rather than a human doing and reminded me why I do what I do. Coaching for me is a labour of love. I know if I do not create any spaces for myself, I would end up feeling resentful and not be able to serve my Clients effectively.

Each time I have created space for myself, I have offered myself a life-line. I have saved myself from dying inside. I know if you are a Professional like me or even a Volunteer who supports people who have been traumatised, you know exactly what I am saying and know I am not exaggerating and being over dramatic.

Holding and supporting people who are being traumatised is no easy task. It can make you lose the will to live at worst or dampen the pleasures of living, at best.

To be or not to be is that the question you have been asking yourself?

Creating space for yourself is essential in this day and age where there is so little opportunity to just be. You are tied to your phone and busy reacting to Social Media! To just be has become a guilty pleasure.

To be, just be, by just watching the world go by as you sit in a cafe sipping tea is a rare treat. I know you only indulge in this on holiday. However for me creating space for myself, has resulted in time being created for projects I put off or conversely I really want to do.

Do you want to transform your life?

As my life seems to be growing busier and busier and more fast paced, I know in these last six months, the more space I have created for myself, the more productive I have become. I would thoroughly recommend creating space for yourself in whatever way suits you. All I know is by creating space, it creates new patterns in your brain and this results in new habits in your behaviour and this transforms your lifestyle. Creating space for yourself elicits change and transforms your relationship with yourself and others. I know most of my relationships have transformed to be more honest, open and loving. I am no longer afraid to be vulnerable and am no longer trying to be good enough.

Schedule Your Clarity Call Now!

Online Coaching is one way of creating space for yourself to explore your goals and dreams. If you are interested in learning how to create spaces for yourself, then schedule a clarity call with me.

Breaking Part Three

Breaking out!

Breaking out of my comfort zone is something, I want to detail here, as it lead me to have powerful shifts in how I think and feel and live. I know if I had stayed walking on the well beaten track, I had always been walking, I would not be the Confident woman I am today. Breaking out of your comfort zone is a term Coaches use alot! I want to really break it down for you.

Breaking out of my comfort zone has lead me to really appreciate the simple pleasures of life instead of chasing some elusive dream of success. Breaking out of my comfort zone had lead me to appreciate the people in my life who I used to take for granted. Breaking out of my comfort zone has lead me to devote my energies into activities that excite me, enthrall me and revitalise me instead of wasting my time and energy into activities that drain me.

I broke out of my comfort zone, firstly by asking myself, what is it that I want, rather than doing what I think people expect me to do.

I broke out of my comfort zone by putting myself first. This was no easy task as all my life I have been taught as most women are that selfish people put themselves first.

Light bulb moment!

I decided to put myself first, one day, about ten months ago after I had this light bulb moment! I was recalling a recent flight, I took and the air steward was going through the emergency procedures. She said the usual statements and demonstrated the usual scenario that it is important that you put your oxygen mask first before you put it on your child! Although, I was on my own, I recall laughing out loud as I realised putting myself first means my survival. I may feel uncomfortable, nervous, scared in putting myself first but I realised it is not inevitable that I will become selfish. How I regard putting myself first is a matter of perception.

Becoming an Entrepreneur!

Breaking out of my comfort zone in this way, lead me to start this Coaching and Consultancy business. I always wanted to start a business but never had the time or energy for it. I realised the time and energy I wasted in being passive watching that television programme or reacting to Political events, I could invest in creating a business that served others. I decided to offer my Services that I have always given in a piecemeal ad hoc fashion to individuals and some organisations but to deliver it instead in a focussed, wholehearted, structured and disciplined way. Becoming an entrepreneur has pushed me into unfamiliar scenarios where I have had to speak in public, be on TV and I have had to invest alot of money and time. While all these experiences have been very scary, it has resulted in me understanding myself more. I realise my strengths and my limitations much more as well as what I need to do myself and when I need to ask for help. I am of course still learning about myself as this continues throughout life, it just feels a more exciting this journey.

Panic zones vs Comfort zones!

As a Trauma Recovery Coach, I have discovered that when you yourself have been traumatised or are in a Profession or Volunteer to support people who have been traumatised, your comfort zone is paradoxically when you are anxious, scared, stressed or panicked. Therefore your panic zone is when you feel comfortable and relaxed. You thrive therefore on the chaos, crisis and panic. You thrive on the adrenalin rush. As a Trauma Recovery Coach, I have concluded that is why some people, spend their entire lives trapped within the drama triangle, going from one crisis to another because that is what feels familiar for them. Does this sound like you? Do you think you may be doing that?

Of course you may be doing this without realising that you are doing it, as most of our behaviour is done unconsciously. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the drama triangle, let me break it down for you.

The drama triangle!

The drama triangle is a Social model that was conceived by Stephen Karpman who published his work in 1968. I have seen in my life and the lives of my clients that people play different roles, sometimes playing each role interchangeably and sometimes seeking out a particular role for their entire life. The three roles in this drama triangle are victim, persecutor and rescuer. I know when you have been traumatised that you feel like a victim, the truth is you are a victim. However I know you can choose to spend your life being a victim or playing the victim or you can choose not to be. I know that when you have been traumatised you can choose to be a rescuer or play the rescuer. I know most of my life I wanted to rescue others. I also know that when being the victim or the rescuer, you end up feeling persecuted by others or persecuting yourself or even persecuting others as you are tired of rescuing. You realise that it was never your responsibility to rescue anyone, others have to rescue themselves. You realise you really wanted to rescue yourself from the trauma you experienced. Perhaps like me, you realise that your purpose is to heal others and in healing others you heal yourself. Perhaps in healing yourself, by putting yourself first, you realise you no longer feel like a wounded healer that you have felt all your life. Perhaps by tending to your wounds by having that warm bath and soaking in bath salts instead of painting your friend’s bathroom, you have started stepping onto the road of self- care? Perhaps by just reading this blog you have started on a journey that means you can give yourself permission to be comfortable in slowing down and simplifying your life and caring for yourself. I hope that you carry on this journey with me as I show you by another series of blogs and posts how I created massive transformations in my life. I hope when breaking out of your comfort zone that the terrors and turmoil transform into joy and excitement. I hope breaking out of the drama triangle results for you living an authentic life that feels real and meaningful rather than a life that you always felt you are living for others! If you want to explore the drama triangle in more depth, why don’t you schedule a clarity call with me?

Breaking Part Two

This week I am talking about BREAKING. Breaking as I said before is essential if you want to know yourself and heal. Breaking is also inevitable in life! As a Trauma Recovery Coach, I focus on breaking patterns with my clients. I know whether that is in my own recovery or when witnessing my Clients recovery, this is when key shifts occur and dramatic transformations result. I know when I have broken a long established pattern even those that are embedded deep in my unconcious, I lose weight, gain confidence, attract that Client, improve my relationships etc.

Some of you may have had traumatic experiences or are currently going through a traumatic experience. With rising Racism, Islamaphobia, Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, Poverty, Wars in the world, Gun Crime and Knife-Crime in major cities in our world, wherever I look nowadays I see turmoil and trauma. I know many of you have these traumas to deal with but also the trauma of your Clients or Patients to hold.

Some of you who are reading this are Coaches, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Psychologists, Youth Workers and Volunteers, the list is endless. Whether you are paid for the work you do or don’t, I know supporting someone who has had traumatic experiences, is no easy task. In holding the Client’s Trauma, you end up breaking promises to your partner as you stay in the office or hospital an hour later instead of being on time for your Netflix date. In holding the Client’s Trauma you end up not being able to sleep! In supporting your Patient, you use all your lunch break as you fundamentally believe that the Client’s needs come first! It never dawns on you, that you are dividing yourself to your detriment. You feel afterwards when the storm has been sorted and the crisis resolved, you feel like you are breaking or already broken. You feel like a washed out cliff whose edges cannot take any more.

The pattern of putting myself last and everyone first, I developed at a very young age. Most of my life it was unconcious, some of it based on seeing my mother live this philosophy. However most of this pattern was weaved into my consciousness by Bollywood films such as Mother India. I was fed this diet of self-sacrifice from a very young age!

I absorbed it like alcoholics absorb alcohol or fish absorbs water.

I know most women struggle with this but many Men and Women like you, who end up in Caring Professions struggle with this! Maybe, like me, you have done this all your life? You do not know any other way. I know you are tired of reading blogs, self-help manuals, books or articles that tell you the importance of putting yourself first. I am sure you may have noticed that hardly any of them talk about how you can put yourself first. Hardly any of them give you steps to get you to put yourself first!

So let me put you out of your misery! To break the pattern, start small and simple. Start by having that lunch break once a week! Start by going home on time on Mondays or Fridays. Put an alarm on your phone to get you to leave the office half an hour earlier than you usually do. Book a date with yourself and reward yourself with an activity for one hour that you like doing. If you start small and simple, it is mostly likely that you will achieve it.

The other step you can do in breaking the pattern is to start saying no to people. At first you are going to feel guilty, strange and this is going to be difficult but you are soon going to find it becomes easier.

Thirdly you can start spending some time by yourself, start with fifteen minutes to listen to your thoughts and feel your feelings without the distraction of your phone, TV or any other device. If you like meditating meditate or just sit in silence. I would then advise increase these 15 minutes to 30 then to 1 hour. This period by yourself doesn’t have to be spent in silence, but needs to be spent in a way that helps you hear your thoughts and feel your feelings. I find listening to music helps me but you may find painting or colouring or cooking helps you do this. Each person is different but solitude is the key.

These are some ways that helps me in difficult times and helps me untie myself from the turmoil of my client’s traumas. I find these steps can make me feel very uncomfortable but breaking out of your comfort zone is necessary!

It is necessary if you want to escape and break out of the drama triangle. Some of you will be familiar with the drama triangle but some of you may not! I will talk more about breaking out of your comfort zone and drama triangle in another blog.

For now, I hope I have helped you understand the importance of breaking patterns.

If you want to explore breaking patterns in more detail, why not schedule a clarity call with me?

Breaking Part One

This week I am posting about Breaking!
The Cambridge Dictionary refers to breaking as the act of breaking.
Break though is defined in a number of ways
1. Damage
To cause something to separate suddenly or violently into two or more pieces or to cause something to stop working by being damaged.

2. End
To destroy or end something or come to an end

3. Record
To do something better than the best known speed, time or number

4. Not obey
To fail to keep a law rule or promise

5. Divide
To cause something to divide into two or more parts or groups

6. Interrupt
To interrupt or stop something for a short period

7. Use force
To go somewhere or to do something by force

8. Emotion
To lose your confidence, determination or clarity to control yourself or to make someone do this

9. Become Known
To become known or to make something become known

I look at all the ways the word break is defined above and I am amazed that in dark and difficult times, I have experienced breaking in all these ways. Breaking for me is an inner process! Breaking for me results in the evolution of your Soul or if you are not spiritual like me, an evolution of yourself. This breaking then results in massive transformations in your life.

Let me take you from this dry dictionary definition down a journey which starts downhill but makes you feel by the end of it that you are reaching the sky.

Come with me as I share with you my story about what happens to me in dark and difficult times. I am sure you experience all of the above within the confines of your soul or Self (or whatever you want to call it) when you go through difficult or dark times.

Firstly there is damage I feel in my heart (although some of that is damage to my ego) but what I feel more acutely during breaking, is the way, my heart shatters into a million pieces and feels so fractured and broken that it will collapse with the weight of the pain. Whether that pain is to do with others hurting my feelings or my trust being violated or the trauma of my client, or the guilt of not being there for a loved one or the loss of a loved one; I have always been weighed down by emotional pain. Don’t you find emotional pain feels weightier and more intolerable than physical pain?

Physical pain feels to me finite, whereas emotional feels infinite. Of course it is not infinite but it really feels that way doesn’t it?

Secondly when your heart is breaking something usually is coming to an end, whether that is the actual relationship or the perception of the relationship, or the dynamics of the relationship. I know each time with this ending or destruction, a new dawn ensues and sometimes a healthier dynamic within the relationship results or a healthier perception of the relationship? Hearts need to break. Breaking is inevitable.

Although during this breaking, I have lost my clarity and confidence, I have come to know myself so much more. Breaking involves also that others know you and your soul’s calling become known to you. Breaking lead me to know my life’s purpose! To serve you as a Trauma Recovery Coach! I always wanted to write! Now I write to call you to invest in self care and slowing down and simplifying your life. It was only when I stopped and slowed down that I found I could invest in self-care. Most of my life I was too busy rushing around and it was only when I slowed down, I was able to simplify my life by asking questions what is it that I wanted to do in my life not what is expected of me!

If you want to know how I slowed down and simplified my life, I will tell you the first step I took in self-care was scheduling a clarity call with a Coach!

Why don’t you then start your journey into self-care by scheduling your clarity call? I have opened Tuesday and Wednesday next week, two extra days! All I know with my 27 years of experience with working with Trauma and your courage, only clarity can result!

Claiming Part Two

Claiming is a process! I know that to heal from Trauma or to cope with adversity, claiming yourself from the conflict, confusion or chaos in your life is so necessary.

Claiming your power is an inside job ANONYMOUS

And I have found in the dark moments, months or years in my life that when I claimed my power, I found my gifts, talents, strengths, beauty and light within myself too.

Paradoxically at the same time I had to, embrace the weaknesses and vulnerabilities, crap, ugliness, incompentencies and darkness within myself too.

The human spirit houses both light and darkness and to deny the latter, I found was always my undoing. Denying my darkness meant I stopped taking responsibility for my life and continued blaming others for my life choices and this has ruined my relationships with others.

Human beings experience the spectrum of human emotion!The human spirit embodies light as well as darkness! The will to do good as well as evil!

As a Trauma Recovery Coach, I have witnessed multiple times what occurs to the human spirit when it experiences trauma; the human spirit ends up fracturing; the mind, soul and body split from each other!

I know when you have experienced Trauma in your own life or you are surrounded by Trauma due to the Profession you have chosen, this fracturing of the Human Spirit occurs consciously or unconsciously.

Disassociation is an example of this fracturing. I know in my life there have been so many times, when I have difficulty feeling rage, shame or bitterness. I have though discovered that this rage is stored deep within my body and manifests itself as illnesses. The rage needs to be expressed but because I no longer recognise as it rage, it goes unchecked only to release itself as a tsunami causing extreme destruction. The destruction has invariably been leashed mostly towards myself, but at times, it has been unleashed against my husband and against my sons! My relationships with all of them remain intact but words hurt and words can never be taken back and I still regret speaking them.

Am I talking too generally here?

Let me more specific and get to the point. If you are reading this and like me, you know you entered the Caring Profession and decided to be a Doctor, Social Worker, Nurse, Youth worker, Teacher or Psychologist and the list goes on, for the reason that its a vocation, your soul’s calling then these words are for you . If you are reading this and like me, have over the years, witnessed so much trauma in your patients and your clients lives and you recognise that the Trauma is taking a toll on you and your relationships, then please read on. If you recognise that the trauma is claiming your life, be patient with me and tell me if this is you!

You find it difficult to relax on most days.

You are arguing with your partner and you just do not know why!

Your marriage or relationship has not been the same for some years.

You feel distant from your Partner!

You find you start a project at home but can never see it all the way through and that leaves you unhappy with yourself!

Perhaps then these are signs that you need some clarity in your life in order to discover what do you really want in your life? Perhaps you want to discover what is your life’s purpose? Perhaps you need some clarity in how you can improve the relationships in your life?

If any of the above is the case, I would urge you to schedule a clarity call with me by using the link below!

I know this claiming and to attain or affirm yourself is an uncomfortable process. However I know when I started travelling down a road I had never travelled nine months ago; it has lead me to discover my life’s purpose of being a Trauma Recovery Coach. In reaching out to people like you. I also am pursuing my dream of being a Writer

Both activities for me are a labour of love. I also know that I would not be doing these if I had not scheduled a Clarity Call with a Coach in 2017.

Robert Frost writes in his poem

The Road not taken:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.

I know when I decided to claim myself from the chaos, confusion and conflict around me and look within, it took a leap of faith! Coaching has made all the difference in my life and I want it to make a difference in your life.

Claiming has meant that I am no longer angry at those around me for my life choices.

Claiming has meant that I take responsibility for my life choices!

Claiming has meant that I finish things I start and feel more fulfilled with my life, rather than pulled in so many directions and unfulfilled.

Claiming has meant that I am not having arguments with my husband.

Claiming has meant that I am more conscious of the toll witnessing Trauma in my job as a Social Worker takes on me. Therefore I invest in self care more and I no longer feel guilty about it.

Claiming has meant that my health is better, my blood pressure is under control and I have lost weight.

Claiming has meant that I am able to relax and enjoy the pleasures of life.

If you want to know how Claiming helped me then follow me on WordPress or on my Facebook Page Taniya Hussain Coaching and Consultancy Services!

Claiming Part One

Claiming according to dictionary definitions is ” to state or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof.”

or it is to

“formally request or demand; say that one owns or has earned (something)”

The synonyms of claiming are asserting, declaring, professing, maintaining, stating, holding, affirming, attesting.

This week I want to explore claiming and in particular claiming our gifts that are within us, our beauty, our strengths our powers. As we claim these I know we discover also our limitations, our weaknesses and our vulnerabilities!

I hope you enjoy the journey!